Simple Mediachain Cloud Hosting

Deploy a node to Digital Ocean in a few clicks

Step 1:
Sign-up for Digital Ocean
Includes $10 worth of credits
Step 2:
Generate an API token
Any token name works
Step 3 (optional):
Configure SSH for easy login
An SSH key will let you login to your node without needing a password. For help on generating a key, see these instructions. After you generate the key, open the public key file in a text editor and copy the contents to your clipboard, then paste it in the box below. The public key will have a '.pub' file extension, e.g. ''
Step 4: See how
e.g. 025370df16b30b5a6ddd40236817f78fcf4b02c1403524905bab790aaa60a543

⚠️ Invalid Token
⚠️ {{error}}
Setting up Digital Ocean droplet (takes 1 minute)...
droplet setup success

Installing deployment tools (takes 1 minute)...

Installing system packages (takes 1 minute)...

Installing Mediachain Server (takes 1 minutes)...
Starting Mediachain Server
Connect to SSH See how
IP Copy
Username Copy
Password Copy
SSH Forwarding Copy
Node Info
Peer Address Copy
Peer ID Copy
Publisher ID Copy
You're all set! Please download your node's credentials file with the button below and keep it in a safe place. It has your node's IP address and login information, including the password, so anyone with access to it will be able to login to your droplet as the mediachain user and control your node! Save it to an encrypted location for maximum peace of mind.
Save Your Credentials!
Where do I find my Digital Ocean token?
How do I connect my node to the Mediachain Client?

Follow the aleph install instructions to install the mcclient app on your local machine.

After your node is deployed, copy the "SSH Forwarding" command and paste it into a terminal. If you didn't add an SSH key during the setup process, you'll need to enter your node's password. The SSH command will create a secure tunnel between your local mcclient and the remote node. Then you can use mcclient to control your node as if it were running on your local machine.

How do I connect my node via SSH?

You can log into your node at the IP address displayed in the "Connect to SSH" panel when the deploy completes.

On a Unix or macOS system, use this command, replacing your.node.ip.address with the real IP: ssh mediachain@your.node.ip.address

On Windows, install putty, the Windows SSH client. Then connect to your node's ip address as the mediachain user.

If you added an SSH key, you'll get a shell prompt right away. If not, you'll have to enter your node's password. You can copy that from the "Connect to SSH" panel, and it's also in the credentials file you can download after the deploy is compete.

How can I delete my DigitalOcean droplet?

Deleting your DigitalOcean droplet will completely wipe out all data stored on your node! If you need to delete your node, find the 'Destroy' button in the DigitalOcean Control Panel for your node's droplet. You'll be asked to confirm a few times, after which your droplet will be completely erased. Please make sure this is what you want before you click the button!

How much does it cost to host the node?

You can run a Mediachain node off the lowest cost droplet, which is $5 per month. If you sign-up via our referral code, you will get $10 credit, which is 2 months of running Mediachain for free!

Where can I learn more about Deploy?
Deploy was written by OB1 for deploying OpenBazaar nodes, and adapted by Mediachain Labs for Mediachain.

You can learn more about Deploy by reading this article.
Many thanks to our friends at OB1 and OpenBazaar for writing the original version of this app.